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Welcome to suopte

The title of my website, suopte means by itself, from within. This word precisely describes what I think about human responsibility and unspoken rules. However this word for me also refer to the innate creativity, intellectual fruitfulness of the human being. Unfortunately both of them are values, that we easily forget about nowadays.

I hope, that Dear Reader could find both meaning of this word surfing my website, especially creativity, and will enjoy the published, continously improved contents and applications.

Bence Ágg

Lingua sed torpet, tenuis sub artus
flamma demanat, sonitu suopte
tintinant aures, gemina teguntur
lumina nocte.
Catullus 51

My interests

Below I summarize the activities and hobbies I'm dealing with when I'm not studying in the concrete sense of word. Although, by these activities I often learn more than in the university.

  • Medical sciences
    General surgery, vascular and cardiac surgery
    Genetics and cardiac surgical therapy of Marfan syndrome
  • Website developement, web applications
    PHP, JavaScript
    Server side JavaScript: Node.js (CommonJS)
  • Programming
    C++, Java
    OpenGL, WebGL - 3D modelling, and its medical aspects
  • Databases
    Health care databases
    MySQL - Relational database
    CouchDB - Document oriented database

Ferrari's quartic solver in PHP

This MIT Licensed PHP library contains two robust functions to solve depressed and general cases of quartic equations with the use of Lodovico Ferrari's algorithm. The library depends on the lightweight suopte Complex PHP class, which is also included in the repository.

StellaSphaera, sky maquette

Suopte StellaSphaera is an app, with which you can create a maquette of the night sky. Before generating the printable PDF document you can adjust several parameters including color schemes and drawn astronomical objects.

SchedOwl, guru of timetables

Browser based timetable software*

From the conents
  • Description of genetics, pathophysiology and surgical therapy of Marfan syndrome
Own improvements
Own articles*

From the conents
  • Introduction to cardiac surgical procedures
  • Learning materials for students
Own improvements
*Please note that for the time being both of the websites above are only accessible in Hungarian language.
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